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An Ongoing Project

When one thinks of anarchism, the usual image that comes to mind is some shifty looking character carrying a bomb. Clenched fists are popular symbols. And so is the masked protestor throwing a rock. But that is not what this website is all about.

My name is Jokk Vete and I am an anarchist. I believe in the right of people to peacefully pursue their own interests without kowtowing to some authority figure or government. As long as people respect the equal right of others to pursue their peaceful interests.

The dictionary defines anarchism as "a doctrine urging the abolition of government or governmental restraint as the indispensable condition for full social and political liberty".

Within that framework, there are many varieties of anarchism, including communism, syndicalism, mutualism and anarcho-capitalism. There are also many varieties of ideas on how to get from here to there.  On how to achieve an anarchist society. These range from violent revolution to Christian pacificism.

My manifesto is a "how to" guide to achieving a society without government over a long period of time. It is an evolutionary, not a revolutionary process. It is something I don't expect to see in my lifetime, but it is something that will evolve over the next hundred, two hundred, five hundred or a thousand years. It is, in my opinion, inevitable. But understanding the process is key to helping the process along.

The first step in understanding the process is to understand why we have governments in the first place. To that end, I will be conducting some research on the Internet using social media. I will be visiting various websites, including websites dedicated to particular political philosophies from conservative to liberal to socialist and even communists and libertarians, and yes, even some anarchist websites and posing this question: What do you see as a necessary function of government?

I expect a broad range of answers to this question including such basic answers as providing for the security of citizens against criminals by providing police protection services, to such things as providing universal medical care for all. Some may see it as an essential function of government to restrain people from harming themselves through the use of mind-altering drugs. Some may believe government should regulate business, or banking. Some may see it as a function of government to mandate a specific religion.

My aim in asking this question is not to get a definitive view on what government should do, but to get an idea of what people think government should do. To find a sort of consensus opinion.

As I said earlier, I don't think we need government at all. But many of the reasons people have for supporting the idea of government are valid and widely held concerns. It is only by understanding these concerns that I believe we can understand what sort of evolutionary changes are necessary in order to achieve a stateless society.

Political discussion today is often peppered with hot words and hot tempers. Anger, disgust, and annoyance at the perceived wrongs of government are rife. The pro-gun rights people get angry at every suggestion that guns should be managed. The anti-gun rights people get angry every time there is another mass murder.

As a hint at where I am coming from and my approach to an organic and evolutionary transformation to a stateless society, I believe both sides are wrong-headed. Both see guns as necessary, but want them in the "right" hands. The pro-gun people want them in private hands. The anti-gun people want them in government hands. I believe eventually we will evolve into a society where guns are obsolete and become mere museum relics. A society without guns. More on this later.

Meanwhile, if you want to answer the question I have posed, proceed to the blog on this site and propose your answer.  When posting, I would like you to state your political persuasion as well as the things you think are necessary functions of government.

In conclusion, I believe in a society of harmony, a society where people live peacefully with one another. One without violence, without law, and without government.

You may believe that to be a contradiction. We shall see as this project progresses.